Phone: 07 579 0144    


Telephone assessment and treatment

Introducing a new service for our patients

Are you or a family member unwell or injured?

Do you need to see a Doctor today? 

Simply ring the practice on 579 0144 and select 1. For "Telephone Assessment and Treatment"

You will speak to reception who will confirm your details and advise a time when a doctor will call you back.

The doctor will then call you back and ask a series of questions to decide the appropriate course of action, either:

  • Book you an appointment
  • send a prescription to a pharmacy for pick up
  • offer advice and a follow up plan


Is there a charge for this service? 


The charge is half a regular consultation if you do not need an appointment, prescription or form.

If you require a prescription, blood tests or other services then the normal consultation charge will apply.

If you are booked an appointment, then you will get charged for the appointment only not both.

I am not a registered patient can I use this service?

No - This service is for our registered patinets only