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Travel Health

Don’t let your dream adventure abroad be ruined by illness. Many countries have highly infectious diseases which are not present in New Zealand.

Travel vaccinations

At Chadwick Healthcare you can arrange to be vaccinated against illnesses such as hepatitis, typhoid and cholera before you take off as well as arrange prophylaxis for malaria.

We encourage travellers to make an appointment at least six to eight weeks before departure to ensure the vaccinations have had time to take effect.

Please note: There are some specific vaccinations that we do not administer at our premises including Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies. You may have to arrange an additional consultation at a dedicated travel doctor if any of these vaccinations are required.

More information on specific destinations is available at 

Travel medicals

If you require a full medical or fitness to travel certificate for insurance purposes, our GPs are happy to help. We can also provide medical advice on international health risks associated with your destination.